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Feb 19, 2018

정규직 Claim Management Specialist를 채용합니다~


Houston, TX에 위치한 회사에서 아래와 같은 조건으로 신입 Claim Management & Sales Specialist를 채용중입니다. Position Title: Claim Management & Sales Specialist

Salary: $45,000

Main Duties:

  • Mainly support duties from the office

  •  Help resolve claims — this may involve going out to the pier to resolve the claims

  •  Coordinate with the insurance company to handle the claims

  • Coordinate and manage accounts, sales operations and marketing plans

  • Participate in new business development and planning

  • Assist the sales manager with tasks and documentation

  • Master and maintain vast knowledge of clients’ business, competition, latest industry news and trend

  • Directly communicate with buyers of large corporations nationwide

  • All other assignments and projects as needed


  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Bilingual Korean and English

  • 1-2 year experience working in sales preferred

  • Legally authorized to work in the states and (No visa sponsorship provided)

지원을 원하시는 분은 이메일: jobs@ujoynus.com으로 이력서 보내주시면, 서류 합격자에 한하여 연락 드리겠습니다.


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